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Professional Weavers Network


The Professional Weavers’ Network (PWN) is a group of weavers who promote excellence in their work.  Their work ranges from tapestry through to fabrics.

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The annual seminar with guest speakers and other events enables the group to share their knowledge and assimilate new ideas. It is a very stimulating and exciting environment where members discuss their inspirations and creative developments and talk about issues that are relevant to the textile and fibre arts within New Zealand.

One of the aims of the group is to promote the textile and fibre arts so that they can be acknowledged as a vibrant and exciting contemporary art form that is able to speak to others within society.


PWN has arranged a Weavers Studio Trail. This trail will take you into the studios of some of the PWN members.

Please note that some of these are home studios, so please ring where indicated before visiting.

Weavers Studio Trail

Places to see and visit

Weavers Studio Trail

Furthering the art of weaving through the pursuit of excellence and the promotion of handwoven textiles