I am a weaver living in Wairarapa, New Zealand. I love exploring and experimenting with fibre (natural and man-made) and techniques (using traditional weaving looms, raranga – plaiting and whatu – twining, and basketry) to make two- and three-dimensional woven textiles and sculptures. My ideas are influenced by shapes, colours and textures of the natural environment around me.

The process of weaving is very binary – threads go ‘under or over’, ‘up or down’, and I am continually amazed at the endless possibilities of the finished design. Design is so dependent on texture, colour, fibre, spacing, density, embellishment and purpose.

I have been weaving since 2012 and learning and research is important to me. Weaving is like life. It can be simple and complex, full of surprises and requires lots of thinking. In my studio I have an eight-shaft floor countermarche loom, an eight-shaft table loom and a tapestry loom.

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