Chain Reaction


The Genesis
At the 2016 annual seminar of the Professional Weavers Network (PWN) a seed of an idea took shape. PWN members considered a weaving challenge – a challenge that would involve individual weavers but would satisfy the criteria of collaboration, communication, consideration, and co-operation among the members. A concept was agreed upon and ‘The Chain Reaction Challenge’ was born.

The Concept
An installation reflecting a chain reaction of colour: an installation can be a sum of many parts. The Chain Reaction Challenge to be a series of woven pieces viewed in sequence. Each piece will incorporate two dominant colours in the design – one to be incorporated in the piece to the left, and the other in the piece to the right. The colours will echo along the installation advancing through many hues. As well as exhibiting the skill and creativity of 22 weavers, the work will be viewed as one continuous piece of art that will reflect the communication and co-operation of individual members of PWN.

The Process
Fabric weaver one selected yarns for the warp and weft for the first piece and ‘gifted’ a sufficient quantity of additional yarn from this design to weaver two. For example, the first fabric piece has a white and grey pattern. A suitable quantity of the white Tencel yarn used in this piece was sent to weaver two who used it in the warp of the second design. And so the chain continued. When viewers look carefully at the individual pieces they will see this sequence of events flowing across the installation. The installation begins and ends with work by two tapestry weavers who have incorporated yarns and colours from a selection of the woven fabric pieces.

At the 2017 annual seminar of PWN, The Chain Reaction Challenge became the finished installation titled ‘Chain Reaction’. This installation reflects the skill, excellence and design initiatives of the weavers.