New Zealand has a long history of sheep breeding so, when I first arrived here in 1970, it didn’t take me long to gather a spinning wheel and my own small flock of coloured sheep. Naturally, this rapidly led to weaving. Although mostly self-taught, I have attended various short courses both in New Zealand and Denmark.

My first loom was handmade with 4 shafts. Now, my primary loom is a Swedish Glimåkra, designed to withstand the high tensions that rug weaving requires. Although rag rugs are my mainstay, I also weave a variety of textiles for the home.

I am influenced by traditional weaving techniques and styles implemented in rag rugs found on the floors of most Scandinavian homes. Recycling is an integral part of household weaving – I use recycled materials from the garment and home textile industry (as well as cutting up well-loved garments).

I live in the Rotorua area in the North Island of New Zealand and have a studio where my work is available for viewing and for sale. Visitors are always welcome.

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