I learnt from my mother and have woven for the last 30 years. Five years ago I became a fulltime weaver, setting up my own studio in Tasman village. I weave on my 40-inch, 24-shaft AVL loom which is computer assisted. I prefer working with finer yarns such as 110/2 Merino, cotton, cottolin, Tencel and bamboo anongst other yarns.

I am a member of Fibre Spectrum, a textile cooperative in Nelson.  There are ten members with a wide range of talents (knitting, felting, quilting and of course weaving).

I have an online Etsy shop, which I have found very rewarding. An important piece of this online experience is the photograpahy, which Tony (husband) does for me.

We welcome visitors to our studio where I work. Come and visit, see how the looms work and the weaving is produced.

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