As a weaver I am largely self-taught, although I freely acknowledge the help, advice and practical pointers I have received. I took up weaving in 2009 after my wife acquired a spinning wheel and I became fascinated by the deceptively simple machines used in fibre craft. I find it a very satisfying outlet for both my mechanical bent and my creative drive. Having now retired from my career as a scientist, and so having more time to devote to my weaving, I am enjoying trying out new techniques and patterns.

I have found that rugs are particularly satisfying to weave as they suit my personal preferences for colours that are strong rather than pastel and the finished item is a practical, functional object. I like to create functional as well as beautiful products, and prefer to recycle materials wherever possible.

I weave my rugs using traditional techniques by hand on a large floor loom using, in the main, natural materials. My designs involve either small repetitive patterns that are controlled by how the loom is threaded and the choice of weft colours, or larger scale designs, more suited to the eye-to-floor viewing distance, constructed using the technique of ‘block weaves’ and shaft-switching using a home built nightmare of string loops and screw eyes.

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