It was in the early 1960s, in my early twenties, that I was introduced to weaving in the Netherlands. It was ‘love at first sight’. In 1966 I came to New Zealand and married a sheep farmer. After some years of share-milking in the Waikato we moved to a fairly isolated farm in the King Country with four young children. Although life was busy, I had a strong need to do something creative as well.

Weaving was the obvious choice and there was an excellent weaver in my area who was willing to teach me.

With further courses and study, I gradually built up a good weaving library and extended my knowledge. I love working with colour and the loom is my tool to combine colours, making something beautiful. I work mainly with natural fibres (wool, mohair, possum fibre, silk, linen, cotton) but if I feel that a man-made fibre will enhance my work, I have no qualms in adding a bit here and there. I often dye my yarns, to achieve the colours I want for my work. I have to work within restraints of the loom, and that also provide me with a challenge. A good knowledge of what can and can’t be done is essential in whatever one does.

One has to know the basic ‘rules’, before trying to alter them, and ultimately ‘play’.

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